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Technical Services

Starlink Installation

Professional Starlink installation paired with pro-grade wireless networking support.

Security Services

Critical Protection®

Pro-grade residential and commercial video surveillance system design, installation, and service.

CBRS Certified


CBRS Certified Professional Installation Consulting that gets your clients up and running quickly.

After the frustrations of trying to deal with online tech support and unreliable local installers, getting my entire network designed, installed, and certified by the CriticalLinks Professional Services, gave me the peace-of-mind to get back to running my own business.

Security Services



When you get robbed, lost time, opportunity, and legal hassles can be more expensive than the cost of goods taken.


A well-designed video security system can not only help catch the perpetrators, but can be used for legal action and insurance.

Crimes caught on camera are 218% more likely to be solved and prosecuted.

Our video security solution utilizes the latest technology and the video equipment comes with a standard 3 year warranty.
Each solution is customized for the individual customer. We will visit the customer and define the requirements after which we will provide a customized quote.

Yes, the video equipment comes with a standard 3-year warranty.

Certification Services

CBRS CPI Consulting


All CBRS installations require validation by a “Certified Professional Installer” before the equipment will be activated.


Contracting with CriticalLinks CPI Consulting, allows 3rd party customers to deploy CBRS equipment without maintaining a CPI on-staff.

Subcontracting CPI services saves an average of 53% over comparable in-house services.

Every CBRS installation is unique and will require different levels of consultation. We are happy to provide end-to-end fixed contract as well as per hour basis consulting. You just let us know what you need and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
This will be unique to each customer, but we can typically provide a turnaround within just a few days.
Absolutely, we can do remote inspections and certifications to get your equipment online. There will be a few items to consider such as pictures or video of the installed equipment before we can provide the certifications.

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