Love my internet company? You’re kidding right?

Maybe it’s something you think you have to live with. Sketchy, slow—or no internet. Also, no customer service. The only part of your current company that seem to have its act together is the sales department—oh, and the billing department. At least those are the departments you can get on the phone.

So you need it. You’ve come to rely on it. But do you trust it? Do you love it? Are there days when you’d rather just ‘unfriend’ it?

Availability of an internet signal has become a part of the environment we’ve come to expect. It’s not just gaming or streaming videos. It’s how we run our businesses out of our home offices. It’s integral to how we manage our farm and ranch efficiently. For many of you, it became important in keeping your kids learning when schools closed last spring. It’s how we stay close with too distant loved ones. It’s how we stay connected to community.

So you need it. You’ve come to rely on it. But do you trust it? Do you love it? Are there days when you’d rather just ‘unfriend’ it?

Would you be surprised to learn that Critical Link customers love their internet company? Really. Those emotions may well up from relief of finally telling the internet company they were barely tolerating to ‘hit the road, Jack.’ But in story after story our customers tell of a long-lasting honeymoon and a relationship not described with “I hate my internet” muttered under one’s breath.

As good stories often start, Critical Link customers set the scene with a woeful description of the way it was “before CL.”

The internet would go out. I’d call customer service and leave a message. I wouldn’t hear back from them for three or four days.”

 “We had very slow internet and a high bill. Then the bill went up $10.00 because they had upgraded some equipment or something. There was no upgrade noticeable on our end.”

 “The repair guy was supposed to come out in the morning and never showed up. No call either. I took the day off work to wait for him.”

 Then wonder replaces irritation as they share their experiences with Critical Links

 “I haven’t had to call often, but when I did, I got a call back within the hour.”

“When Dale says he’ll be there at nine o’clock, you can expect him at 8:55.”

“I got a call saying that they were watching my internet reception and didn’t think it was as strong as it could be. Would it be okay to try a different router that would work better with the configuration of the interior of my house?”

At Critical Links, the customer is not just another credit card number. The customer is the reason we exist. The customer’s happiness is the point.

We’ve got your back. What’s not to love?

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