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Why we began.

We started Critical Links to make a difference.

What you can expect.

Our Promise to You.


Reliable internet improves your connection to the world.


A connected community is stronger together.


We're investing for many generations to come.

We're Locals

What Makes Us Different.

Real Humans

We live, work, and play in this community.

We started Critical Links as a way to give back to our own community.

Rural Internet Provider
Unlimited Internet Plans For Rural Areas

Real Pricing

Get what you pay for with no hidden fees.

Lasting business relationships are built on trust and transparency. We're building for the long-haul.

Real Service

Get old-school quality service you deserve.

We take care of our customers like good friends and family. They, in turn, help us get better and better every day.

Rural Missouri Internet Service Provider

Customer Stories

Real People. Real Solutions.

Bruce's Story

We were fed up paying a lot for a slow unreliable connection.

Jonathan overheard our frustrations and thought there should be a better way. Hence, Critical Links was born.

Colton's Story

We needed bomb-proof internet to automate our greenhouses.

Dale engineered a system we can count on 24/7 and plenty stable enough to begin online sales.

William's Story

Running an online business was frustrating to impossible before Critical Links.

Now we have Zoom sessions around the world including a trouble-free three-day online conference.

Kevin's Story

The personal service they consistently deliver is impressive.

Dale's responded quickly to any issues even coming out and making the signal even better.

Find your perfect plan.

Our Plans and Pricing.

All plans include high speed modem and wifi router.



3Mbps / 1Mbps
Web Surfing
SD Streaming



6Mbps / 2Mbps
HD Streaming
Gaming Content



8Mbps / 4Mbps
UHD Streaming
File Transfer



10Mbps / 5Mbps
Multi-Device UHD
SaaS Admin



25Mbps / 10Mbps
Enterprise SaaS
UHD File Transfer

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How it works.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Philosophy, Service

Love my internet company? You're kidding, right?

Internet companies don't disappoint customers on purpose but are often given limited options by shareholders.

Technology, Sales

How does your technology work outside of town?

WISP technology delivers a high-quality signal from a tower with fiber access directly to your home.

Philosophy, Service

Why is it difficult to get good internet outside of town?

There is very little competition and those companies can get away with charging more and delivering less. 


Aren't all internet companies basically the same?

Companies are driven by many different things. Critical Links measures its success by the success of the community.

Ready to get connected?

Next-gen tech. Old-school service.

Request a site survey today. Same-day installations are available .