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We asked our customer for honest feedback and this is what they said.

Critical Links excels in communicating with customers. They let us know ahead of time when we might experience a change because of some maintenance or improvement they are doing. We know when and we know why. We “nothing but the truth” from this company.

We needed a bombproof connection to monitor the realtime conditions in the greenhouse. This company gets that. They built us a solid reliable system, and now we're about launch online sales and market our local MO products all over the world.

Our installation was done early in the year. When the trees leafed out, Dale called and said, “I’ve been watching your traffic and see a little bit of interference. I can make it better.” And he did.If every company took care of their customers like Critical Links does, we would be a happier world.” I couldn’t not recommend them. I even got my parents to switch.​

They actually care. It’s not a huge company so it’s probably easier, but it’s a local company, entrenched in the community…referenceable. From the beginning, the company scaled its start-up and growth so that it could build relationships with its customers and provide excellent technology and customer service.

Both my wife and I have online businesses, which was frustrating to impossible before Critical Links. We have Zoom sessions across the world. Recently, I participated in a three-day remote conference that would not have been possible before this service.

The personal service Dale and the Critical Links team consistently delivers is impressive. A couple of times I’ve had a question or concern I just sent an email or text. Dale responded immediately and came out, checked it out, tweaked something, and made the signal even better.

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