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Customer Stories: Kevin T.

My wife and I agreed that we needed to find another solution. We got a call from a neighbor saying, “there’s a new internet company in town.” Critical Links was the new company and we agreed to try them on…

 Customer Stories: Colton

Customer Stories: Colton

This company gets it. Dale was helpful in an installation that involved receiving the signal from Critical Links equipment and between the greenhouse and the house. He followed up and improved the services several times until both he and I…

Customer Stories: Diane

There were no options. We had lived in the house for twenty years and were using dial-up internet. It was so so slow. I had to drive into town and borrow the internet to download files needed to do business.…

Customer Stories: Jeff

Critical Links can scale its service to anything you want. More importantly, it evaluates exactly what you actually need. You don’t have to pay for more than you need. DSL service was limited in this area and it was pretty…

Customer Stories: Kevin H.

The personal service Dale and the Critical Links team consistently delivers is impressive. A couple of times when I’ve had a question or concern I just sent an email or text. Dale responded immediately and came out, checked it out,…

 Customer Stories: Bruce

Customer Stories: Bruce

During the past six months my wife and I were both working remotely. She always works at home and my company mandated remote working. We never had a problem. With dependable internet we’ve been able to install a security system…

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